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Hamsafaith is a unique clothing store to get a custom lace up shirt.  Each lace up shirt is hand made by our founder Faith Ann.  We can do any university or school of your choice.  

Why Do People Like Our Lace Up Shirts? 

I interviewed the owner of Hamsafaith and this is what she said.  "People like our lace up shirts because the are unique."  "I personally do not like regular t shirts", says Faith Ann.  She went on to say, "I like something a little more girly and cute with a little more sex appeal to it..its like dressing up the plain "tom boy" shirt. " Our lace up shirts, go with everything .  You can wear it with denim shorts leggings, and skinny jeans.  You can wear converse with them and you can wear them with knee suede boots.  You can even order it in a larger size and wear it as a dress.  

Lace up shirts are great for tail gating.  It has turned the normal average book store college apparel shirt into something sexy.  It makes it original so you don't look like everyone else.  

The Top Reasons To Buy A Hamsafaith Lace Up Shirt

1. Quality.  Hamsafaith uses high-quality products.  You can wash the laces in a machine washer.  Unlike most companies your shirt is not going to fall apart after multiple washings.  

2.  The lace up itself is better quality.  The grommets are super high quality.  The grommets stay intact to the shirt.

3. It is not factory made.  Each lace up shirt is hand made in the United States.  New Jersey to be exact.

4.  You'll look super cute for any event such as a football game or frat party.

5.  High-quality screen printed.  These are actual high-quality shirts, much nicer than most companies making lace up shirts.

In conclusion, I asked Faith where she sees Hamsafaith 3 years from now.  "I am constantly bringing new designs to the fashion market place".  "From current styles to camo, to rap shirts, to band shirts and of course college apparel".  "If there is something that I don't have, we can make very unique designs.  I can work with anyone to design that something special that they need."  From Nascar shirts to Disney, if you send it to me I can lace it up.  I actually make Nascar shirts for a customer, a bunch of them actually.  

I'm looking forward to the NHL hockey season.  My boyfriend is a big New York Rangers fan, and I made myself a lace up shirt for the Rangers game.  

You can buy a lace up shirt here from Hamsafaith.



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